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Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 10, Chandigarh is one of the best goverment schools in chandigarh.

Food Service and Management

Earn while you learn forms the basis of lucrative and much sought course of Food Service and Management as they can gainfully employed in food industry or can start their own business enterprise.

In this course the students ate taught basics of food preparation, importance of hygiene in food industry and establishing of their own food unit and maintenance of accounts. The thrust is more on skill development.During a period of two years, they are given practical training at large scale in different CICO concerns like Shivalik View, Mountview and Parkview. Exhibitions and sale of food products is an annual feature of their course.

Some students continue further studies in Food Craft Institutes and Institute of Hotel management at Chandigarh, Bhopal, Amity Dehradun, Bangalore and Jaipur and are successfully employed in various five star hotels or get good placements in Food industries. This course is also a gateway to foreign countries like Australia while they go for further trainings. Self employment is another important aspect of this course. The open small food units or start popular Tiffin service.

Hotel Management

We have a vocational course of Hotel Management in our school where students are being taught about the vocational aspects of hotels in relation to their practical training. This vocational course enables the students to work in best of the five star hotels, caterings, airways and railways caterings etc. The students are trained to be thorough professionals as they are taught theoretically as well as practically. The school has a very well equipped lab, where we undertake various practicals to train the students.

Apart from that the students are also sent to different hotels for their job training for 3-6 months during +1 and +2 where the students learn how a hotel functions. This is one of the oldest courses run by the U.T. Education Department which is really very fruitful for the students who want to make their career in Hotel Management.

Bakery & Confectionery

Change is the essence of life. Today, the day in every home starts with the bread instead of roti or Parantha. Children love to have pizza, burgers, hot dogs, muffins, croissants; patties have also replaced the traditional Tiffin menus. No celebrations are complete without chocolates and candies. For health conscious and diabetes sugar free confectionery products are also coming up in the market.

Focusing the need of the hour, central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has included the course of bakery & Confectionery in the list of Vocational courses. The overall objective of the course is to acquire basic skills of Bakery & Confectionery, to stimulate and build foundation for further training in bakery & Confectionery, to create a pool of qualified and trained bakers & confectioners in the Hotel, Bakery & Confectionery industry.

Practical training is done partially in the school and partially in various hotels of the city. On the job training is done in various local bakeries. Various avenues for employment for the students of this course are to open one’s own bakery shop, to work in a bakery unit and to start bakery hobby classes. Every year the number of students offering this course is increasing. After passing out a large number of students join Food and Craft Institutes and various Institutes of Hotel Management throughout the country. Quite a few number of pass outs have gone abroad for higher studies and jobs.

Tours & Travels

Tourism as a separate discipline is coming to be known only in the recent times. Tourism has relevant inputs from subjects like History, Archaeology, Geography, Management, Economics, Forestry/ wildlife, Geology, Computers and many others. It requires learning in theory as well as practical aspects of the subject to have proper understanding.

Toursim as a vocational subject requires equal emphasis on the theory and practical skills. The subject needs to be studied as well as learnt through as many field visits as possible along with On the Job Training (OJT) particularly in Travel Agencies, Tour operation units, airlines, hotels, resorts, and tourism destinations, museums, forests, district, state and central tourism offices and Corporations.

Students of our school get training of tourism from ITFT, Chandigarh. And school organizes educational trips for them from time to time.


Through x-ray technician schooling, one can learn how to provide information and instruction regarding imaging procedures, and proper positioning of patients and equipment. One can also learn how to safely perform x-ray procedures with minimal radiation exposure to patients and staff. In addition, x-ray tech schools can teach you how to take and process films, which are then interpreted by radiologists, and used to diagnose everything from cancer and pneumonia to broken bones and hernias. Plus, depending on the type of training students choose to obtain, they can also prepare to work in specialized areas of imaging, such as mammography, CT, or MRI technology.