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Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 10, Chandigarh is one of the best goverment schools in chandigarh.

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School Background

The school was established in 1978 and it is managed by the Department of Education. It is located in urban area. It is situated at a distance of about less than 1 k.m. from the Block Resource center. It is located in WARD1 block of Chandigarh (U.T.) district of Chandigarh. The school consists of Grades from 1 to 12. The school is co-educational and it has an attached pre-primary section. It has got one teacher for pre- primary section. The school is non-residential in nature and is using school building as a shift-school. During the previous academic year, the school functioned for 240 days. It had 12 academic inspections and was 25 times visited by the CRC Coordinator during the previous academic year. English and Hindi are the medium of instructions in this school. This school is approachable by all-weather roads. In this school academic session starts in April.

Facilities in School

The school has 3 building blocks which are housed in a Government building. It has got sufficient classrooms for instructional purposes. All the classrooms are in good condition. It has 9 other rooms for non-teaching activities.

Multimedia Room
The school has well equipped multimedia room. It has a seating capacity of about fifty students. The room has an overhead projector, which is used to show various educational CDs and PowerPoint presentations to the students. There is a good collection of CDs of all subjects i.e. English, mathematics, science, social studies, Hindi, EVS, music etc for classes I to X. the content is the CDs is as per the NCERT syllabus, which supplements the normal classroom teaching. All the subject teachers have been allotted a specific number of periods to be taken in the Multimedia Room, in order to ensure its effective use.

Social Science Lab
Geography room is a well equipped lab with all the facilities. Both political and physical map of the world, continents and India are displayed. Photographs of geographers are displayed on the board. It also has D models like Interior of the earth, conventional signs, cycle of erosion; weathering etc. different geomorphologic features like folds, faults, glaciers action of wind are all displayed in the room. Geography lab is facilitated with instruments shows max and min temperature, thermometer, wet and dry thermometer, barometer, etc. in geography room models like formation of seasons, eclipses, and planets are shown.

Science Lab
As we know that science is based on the principle of “Learning by Doing”. So in order to follow this principle we have a science laboratory in our school.

It is situated in front of the Principal office. Our science lab is fully equipped. It has the capacity of nearly 20 students. The students from class VIth to Xth perform the experiments in this lab. The students can perform the experiments of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and General Science in this lab.

Chemistry Lab
Chemistry lab is situated at the entrance of the school. It is airy and has free entrance from two sides. Chemistry lab has four full-fledged tables equipped with wash basins and desk tables for keeping acids. There is one demonstration table also. Maximum of 25 students can perform the chemistry practical at a time. Sufficient equipment and material is provided to the students to perform the practical according to the latest CBSE norms. The lab has shelves to keep the salts used in the practicals. Equipment is also properly displayed. The students can themselves take up the apparatus, use it and keep it at its proper place. All the needs of +1 and +2 students are met in the subject of chemistry.

Biology Lab
Biology lab is situated in A Block of the school. It has 4 demonstration tables, wash basins and racks to display preserved specimens. Laboratory is well-organized to perform biology practicals of classes XI and XII according to the syllabus prescribed by CBSE. Adequate numbers of microscopes are available for students. Equipments, skeleton and museum specimens are well-displayed. 20-25 students can perform experiments at a time in the laboratory.

Computer Lab
In our school there are well equipped two computer labs with approximately 45 computers. Our lab is situated in Block B on First Floor. Our lab has all necessary equipments for students learning like mice, speakers, headphones, AC’s, UPS etc. We have 1 podium for teachers to impart lectures. There are 2 projectors one in each lab. All the software in our lab is up to date. We have MySQL, C++, and Netbeans etc software installed on our computers. Approximately 45, students get Computer Learning at a time. Lab is also used for many Seminars and workshops where teachers are also given Computer Training. In addition to this one of our lab is also language lab in the school, which has been specially designed for the language learning purpose. The language lab aids the students in improving their communication skills.

Mid Day Meals
Our school feeds about 1000 students under mid day meals scheme. Nutrious food is prepared in our school in hygienic conditions and is distributed to the students by 10 Ayas.

Medical Room
The school has a medical room along with 2 beds and proper first aid facility. Every month students are being checked by team of doctors from PGI. Medical cards of students are filled regularly by the doctors.

Our school library is enriched with about 800 books in English, Hindi and Punjabi including Textbooks, Story Books, Science, Math’s, physics, Biology etc. In library there is a seating capacity of approximately 50 students. Our library has all the basic requirements. It displays general daily newspapers for students reading.

Physical Lab
The school has well equipped Physics lab according to CBSE norms. There are two lecturers and one lab assistants working in the school. There is an arrangement for 25 students to perform practical at a time. The lab has Power Points at each table which is very helpful for performing different activities/experiments related to electricity. There is proper ventilation in the lab. In addition to lab, there is store and steel almirah for safe custody of physics equipment. There is also provision of teachers/demonstration table, black board in lab. There are Photographs of various Scientists which motivate the students and create interest in the subject. There is also a provision of fire extinguisher to avoid mishappening in the lab.

Solar Light
In order to conserve energy and make use of non-polluting sources of energy, the school has installed a solar light unit in the campus.

CCTV Camera
The School has installed CCTV Camera at various places in the school campus. In order to ensure effective discipline and keep any miscreants from entering the school campus.


A globe is a3- dimensional scale model of earth or other spheroid celestial body such as a planet, star, or moon. It may also refer to a spherical representation of the celestial sphere, showing the apparent positions of the stars and constellations in the sky. The word “Globe” comes from the Latin word globus, meaning round mass or sphere.

A globe is the only representation of the earth that does not distort the shape or the size of large fearures, flat maps are created using a map projection that inevitably introduces an increasing amount of distortion of the large area that the map shows. A typical scale for a terrestrial globe is roughly 1:40 million.

Vermi Compost Pit
Vermi culture means artificial rearing of worms (Earthworms) and the technology is the scientific process of using them for betterment of human beings. Vermicompost is the excrete of earthworm which is rich in humans. Earthworms eat cow dung or farmyard manure along with other farm wastes of the industries and household garbage can also be converted into vermicompost in the same manner. We use the midday meal waste and waste paper and leaves to feed the worms. Earthworms not only convert garbage into valuable manner but keep the environment healthy. This is the first school which is preparing vermicompost thereby cutting the cost of expenses fertilizers and manure.

Lotus Pond
Lotus Pond is a small water body and home to many species of flora and fauna. It was conceived to be an Eco conservation project bringing natural elements into the concept. The organisms inhabiting a pond ecosystem include algae, fungi, micro-organisms plants and fishes. FVC find a good example of producers, consumers and decomposers and food chains etc. thus providing the students an opportunity to study the self-sustaining Eco-System.

Green House/Herbal Garden
Green house is a structure developed to control the sunlight wind and water to ensure proper growth of plants. It is an experiment to cultivate plants in the campus. It is used for vegetative propagation, grafting and preparing siblings which we then replant in the campus. It also provides an opportunity to teach the students various methods of agriculture (horticulture) practices. It also cuts down the price of buying the plants from outside along with giving firsthand experience of gardening to the students.

A corner in the greenhouse has been developed as a Herbal garden. Medicinal herbs like Tulsi, Mint, Ashvgandha, Alovera etc. have been planted there to make the students aware of their medicinal value in day to day life.

Our school has a big Hall that is used for different activities of the school. It has a seating capacity of approximate 250 people. This hall has all the basic facilities like big stage, balcony, and rooms attached to it. It is equipped with many AC’s, Speakers, Projector, Mike, etc. using the projector students are given Moral Education by the teachers. Yoga Training is also imparted to students through projector. Physical education teacher uses hall for giving Fencing Training to students and students practise in the Hall after and during school hours. Hall is also used for practicing and showing Co-curricular activities. Many speech, debate and Painting Competition are also organized in the hall. Many NGO’s organize knowledgeable and Child Centred program.

School Activities

School Cafeteria
Students of vocational stream i.e. Food Service Management, Bakery and Confectionery and Hotel Management and Catering Technology organize a cafeteria every Friday, which is open to all the students during the recess. The students enjoy the dishes prepared by the vocational students. Items are sold at ‘No Profit and No Loss’ basis. Students gain a lot of confidence and learn dignity of labour.

Science Exhibition
Under guidance of Science teachers, students make models under various themes like agriculture, energy, transport and communication. Models have been selected for National Science Exhibition and Inter school Science Exhibition. Students have participated in various National Level Science exhibitions over the years.

Activities done by peace club

   1. Puppet Show- Mohan se Mahatma
   2. Thanks giving week celebrated by Yuva Satta- PGI- ENT Deptt.
   3. Students of various classes visited Museum sector 10 .
   4. Peace club organized an award giving function.
   5. Poster & Slogan making competition regarding Environment.
   6. Hiroshima and Nagasaki day celebrated.
   7. Rangoli and Collage making competition. Topic- My Earth and My Life.

Activities done by the club

   1. Speeches on Independence Day by class 10th students
   2. Poem Recitation.
   3. Quiz on AIDS.
   4. Declamation on Youth Empowerment (Inter School Competition).

Activities done by the club

   1. Medical Checkup.
   2. Lecture on importance of breakfast to all the classes.
   3. Lecture on importance of Hygiene.
   4. Health and Nutrition Quiz.

Activities done by the club

   1. Poster making competition organized in school.
   2. Slogan writing competition.
   3. Clay modeling competition.
   4. Collage making competition.
   5. Paper flower making competition.

Red-Ribbon Club of the school, having members of classes IX to XII students, are being taught and included the knowledge of the disease of AIDS through the Lectures of the expert Doctors of AIDS Control Society of Chandigarh administration, PGI and other volunteer Social Organizations. Students took part in various activities against AIDS as to bring awareness against the cure of AIDS amongst the people as well as amongst themselves through organizing rallies, slogan writing and plays.


1. Features:- Vermicompost Pit, Lotus Pond, Herbal Garden, Green House, Plants of various Varieties.
2. Activities:- All important days related to environment like Earth Day, Ozone day, Water day, Say no to Plastic, Van Mahotsav etc are celebrated to sensitize the students about their environment. Slogan writing, debate, lectures etc are carried out to make children understand the importance of these days. Students are made the active members of the Eco-Club to carry out the activities in an effective manner. And they understand the concept of gardening as work experience.
3. Aims of setting up an Eco club:- It is set up to create awareness about bio-diversity amongst students. It is a step to keep the environment healthy and clean.


“ The school is under the charge of dynamic principal, Mrs. Indra Beniwal. It has developed a niche in fencing and its vibrancy in punjabi dance had enthused us. We saw innovation their baking class. The discipline in the school is commendable. Pupils showed great respect for their teachers. We have learnt a lot from the exchange programme. We hope to have future collaboration with the school.”
- Mrs. Phua Seah Lee Hoon
HOD (Mathematics),
Yishun Secondary School, Singapore

School Information Documents

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